June 15, 2016

A Father's Day Gift Guide for Gift Procrastinators

If you're like me, then Father's Day always sneaks up on you unexpectedly. I blame it on growing up in Australia where Father's Day is in September. This June nonsense just throws me off. Every. Single. Year. But hey, that's what Amazon is here for, right? That free two-day shipping with Prime is a life saver. In case you are a fellow gift procrastinator, here are some things that you can get from Amazon before Sunday. 
How about an Amazon Fire tablet for just $39.99? That's not a deal, that's a steal.
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June 13, 2016

Momsemble Monday: Culottes

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May 30, 2016

That's Not a Deal, That's a Steal: Memorial Day Edition

Yep, Memorial Day sales are upon us. I'm not sure who decided that a holiday where we honor those who died in service of our country would be an appropriate day to also make a mass sales day... But anyway, I figured I would do a roundup of the deals that are going on. Because I don't think you have to feel too guilty about shopping for a few minutes today.

Also I have a sale going on on my etsy store. Use code MEMORIAL16 to receive 20% discount off the entire store. It's the perfect time to pick up a bow for any cute little girls in your life!

So here are the deals I've seen and my picks from the sales:

Contemporary Buttoned Denim SkirtContemporary Asymmetric Hem Maxi Dress

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